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The tale of the smoking laptop

Allow me to finally tell you the story of woe that describes why all my blog posts are about three months delayed. No, cit is not down to laziness, I swear. Well, maybe a bit, but mostly it is down

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Wolfram Alpha Facebook Analytics

I pretty much never ever allow an app to access my Facebook data. That’s mostly because the majority just drive me nuts (Farmville, Mafia, or even worse, one of those ‘social reader’ apps). That said, I couldn’t resist taking a

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Open-source dataloggers

In general, dataloggers are a nuisance. Given the price of high end hardware like your phone or laptop, I really can’t understand why dataloggers cost so much and have so many limitations. They generally come with really awful software, proprietary

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DNA storage

It looks like we could all be storing our data in DNA in the future.

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Learning to code

So a friend of mine recently asked me about learning how to program and I said I’d look into it for him. It turns out that there are loads of great learning resources around these days. CodeAcademy is a great

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A visual representation of the Internet

Take a look at this pretty amazing map of the internet.The size of the circle represents traffic, similar sites are closer together, and everything is colour coded by country.

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Improving your Google searches

This will be short and sweet: There are lots of good resources out there to help you improve your search skills. My favourite one has to be this great infographic from HowToGeek (displayed below the post). That said, if you really want to

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Learning…for free!

So there are a whole slew of really great ways to learn things, but not so many of them are free.You can learn yourself by getting a book (€), doing a course specifically on the topic (€€), going to university

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Simple way to demonstrate anything on a computer

Buried in the bowels of Windows 7, there lies a really handy application: Problem Steps Recorder. To find this gem, just click the Start button and type ‘psr’. It seems to have originally been intended to help people demonstrate a

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