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Fire breathing dragons, strange religions, and communist propaganda in Vietnam

Welcome to Vietnam, the land of napalm and noodles. This country has been through the wars (four since world war 2 ended) and it’s doing amazingly well when you take that into account. Understandably much of the built heritage has

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Learning to solder

The datalogger project that I wrote about previously was a good excuse for me to practice my (admittedly crappy) soldering. Soldering is a really handy skill and if you’ve any interest in tinkering with things, then I’d recommend you learn. Over the

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Open-source dataloggers

In general, dataloggers are a nuisance. Given the price of high end hardware like your phone or laptop, I really can’t understand why dataloggers cost so much and have so many limitations. They generally come with really awful software, proprietary

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DNA storage

It looks like we could all be storing our data in DNA in the future.

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Invisible bike helmets

An invisible bike helmet. I kid you not! Finally one of these that I would actually wear, but it’s a pity that they cost ~€400. That said, it’s a great idea and a good video as well, keeping you guessing

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Interactive plants!

This is so strange that I’m not really sure how to introduce it. You’re better off checking out the video below instead. It opens up a lot of interesting future possibilities: imagine rocking out on one of your houseplants? Anyway,

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Improving your Google searches

This will be short and sweet: There are lots of good resources out there to help you improve your search skills. My favourite one has to be this great infographic from HowToGeek (displayed below the post). That said, if you really want to

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They’ve found the Higg’s boson

They’ve found the Higg’s Boson! We live in interesting times! So many more questions to answer though: What’s dark matter made of? What happened at the very beginning of the universe? But first off, what exactly is the Higg’s Boson?

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Learning…for free!

So there are a whole slew of really great ways to learn things, but not so many of them are free.You can learn yourself by getting a book (€), doing a course specifically on the topic (€€), going to university

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Robot gripping solved?

What a genius idea! I wish I’d thought of that… Although I wonder if that’s as fast as the gripper can operate? The 2x speed video might be making light of a significant limitation.

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