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Chitwan National Park, Nepal

We arrived to the impressive Chitwan National Park and checked in to a place run by Nepal’s leading ornithologist. Our bungalow was nestled inside a beautifully tended garden, complete with enormous colourful butterflies and chirping birds. There was even a rare water

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Trekking in Nepal

After the last while relaxing and just enjoying the atmosphere in the quiet town of Bandipur, Lidia and I were ready to take on something a bit more strenuous. We headed to Pokhara, which is one of the hubs for

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Climbing the highest mountain in Ireland

Weather permitting, a few friends and I are going to climb Corran Tuathail next Sunday. At 1039 metres, it’s the highest mountain in Ireland. It’s not that high when compared to most other countries, but for a solid day of hiking

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