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Learning to meditate

A couple of people have gotten in touch with me after a previous post on my experience doing a ten day silent meditation course, asking me about it and about other introductions to meditation that are out there. Long story

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Learning to solder

The datalogger project that I wrote about previously was a good excuse for me to practice my (admittedly crappy) soldering. Soldering is a really handy skill and if you’ve any interest in tinkering with things, then I’d recommend you learn. Over the

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Learning to code

So a friend of mine recently asked me about learning how to program and I said I’d look into it for him. It turns out that there are loads of great learning resources around these days. CodeAcademy is a great

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Writing a CV

As some of you may know, my wife and I are finishing up our jobs and heading off on a bit of an travel adventure in August. I’d like to write my Curriculum Vitae (CV, or ‘resume’ for my American friends) before

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Improving your Google searches

This will be short and sweet: There are lots of good resources out there to help you improve your search skills. My favourite one has to be this great infographic from HowToGeek (displayed below the post). That said, if you really want to

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Learning…for free!

So there are a whole slew of really great ways to learn things, but not so many of them are free.You can learn yourself by getting a book (€), doing a course specifically on the topic (€€), going to university

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Learning languages for engineers

Long story short, the first new thing that I’m going to post about is learning a language. There are a number of studies showing that doing this develops your cognitive abilities, etc., but this quote sums it up for me:

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The best laid plans…

After racking my brains for ages, I’ve decided what I’m going to blog about. Well, okay … the idea actually struck me on the 10 minute cycle home from work, but racking my brains sounds much more impressive! Background: I’ve been

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