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Wolfram Alpha Facebook Analytics

I pretty much never ever allow an app to access my Facebook data. That’s mostly because the majority just drive me nuts (Farmville, Mafia, or even worse, one of those ‘social reader’ apps). That said, I couldn’t resist taking a

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Gapminder World

When you’re travelling abroad, have you ever wondered how different a country is to where your from, and in what ways? I do all the time. What’s the income level here, the life expectancy there, and so on. You can

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Warp drive a real possibility?

Wow. All those hard science fiction nay-sayers (myself included) might be eating their words in the future, however distant, as  a plausible mechanism for faster-than-light travel (warp drive!) has actually been suggested.  Of the sources that I took a look

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Facebook connections

Travelling around for the last few weeks has gotten me thinking about how people in different countries are connected. Then I came across this great infografic and figured I’d share it here. I know it’s only related to Facebook connections

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DNA storage

It looks like we could all be storing our data in DNA in the future.

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Invisible bike helmets

An invisible bike helmet. I kid you not! Finally one of these that I would actually wear, but it’s a pity that they cost ~€400. That said, it’s a great idea and a good video as well, keeping you guessing

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Interactive plants!

This is so strange that I’m not really sure how to introduce it. You’re better off checking out the video below instead. It opens up a lot of interesting future possibilities: imagine rocking out on one of your houseplants? Anyway,

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The world arms trade

This is a pretty amazing visualisation of where the world’s small arms go. Of course, it only shows government authorized transfers, but it gives you an idea of the scale of this business.  Unfortunately, a lot of the arms go

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The wiring in our brains

Pretty amazing that all of these connections are in our heads and that this level of  complexity has evolved organically. It’s even more amazing to realise that the only reason you can understand this (and that I can write this!)

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A visual representation of the Internet

Take a look at this pretty amazing map of the internet.The size of the circle represents traffic, similar sites are closer together, and everything is colour coded by country.

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